Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's snowing. Again.

The kids are home from school. Still.

I think there's a good chance they'll be home all week.

We survived the last storm intact. We had house guests for 2 nights. My brother lost power and water at his house on Saturday so he and his family stayed with us. On Monday when they checked with the power company they were told power might not be back until Wednesday. So my brother and I drove to his house to gather clean clothes for everyone. When he walked in the door he realized the power was on! They still didn't have running water, but were told someone was in the area working on it so it should be restored soon. I heard from him this morning that they DO have water, although it is brown. (Eewww!)

In the greater Washington DC area there are still loads of people without power, and the next storm is upon us. Many people have gone to hotels and to stay with relatives. I honestly don't know how others are surviving. Temperatures have been COLD at night - down around zero.

So despite being tired of snow and ready for the kids to go to school, I am thankful for a warm house, abundant water and food.

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