Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Remember long ago I wrote about Ethan dreaming out LOUD? Lest you think otherwise, it continues. Just seconds ago he was yelling "Nooooooooo. Don't. Don't aaaaaaaaaaaa DON'T." I, of course, don't know what he's dreaming, but this time I have a pretty good guess.

Ethan went to the dentist yesterday. (The third dentist since moving to Virginia, but that's another story.) He told the hygienist repeatedly that he had a loose tooth because he didn't want her to touch it. She was a very nice older lady which, in my opinion, all hygienists should be. (Older I mean. Nice, of course!) She said he twice told her that she should let him know if she needed to be reminded of which one was the loose tooth. Apparently the dentist told him the tooth was very loose and asked if Ethan wanted him to pull it. Ethan's answer was no. Soooo...

Last night there was some conversation between Ethan and Eric about the dentist and the loose tooth. Eric offered to pull the tooth and Ethan apparently agreed. They went into the bathroom to get it done. (Safely out of my sight because the whole tooth thing grosses me out and PULLING one out?! Are you kidding me?!) I heard some commotion and tried, from a distance, to ascertain what was happening. Anna was at my side but also listening. (She has learned my attitude toward the tooth thing so she was staying safely away also.) Talking to her prevented me from hearing everything in detail, but I think there was a point at which Eric said maybe they should wait and do it another time. Ethan was upset and I think it was because he could not face us with the tooth still intact. So they continued on and successfully removed the tooth. Ethan came out with a sad look on his face and a bloody tissue. (Thanks. We were just about to start dinner.)

I'm rather certain he is telling someone, in his dream, to leave his teeth alone. I don't blame him. I'm guessing that future teeth will be left to fall out on their own, as they should.

Oh and, by the way, he has another loose tooth. We will soon get to test my theory.

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