Friday, October 30, 2009


Here's what's happening now:

Anna is sick. I suppose it's the flu, although I doubt it's the "pig flu" as we call it around here. She "just" has a fever. Nothing slows her down though. I kept her home from school (obviously!) and she just about talked my ear off! I thought she would sleep. Silly me! We watched Winnie the Pooh's Very Merry New Year and Veggie Tales Madam Blueberry. Then we read, then worked on a craft. The neighbor girl stopped by this evening with the school work she missed. I thought that was really nice.

Ethan has a loose tooth. I noticed about a week ago that his upper teeth were spreading out, so I've been watching for something to get loose. Tonight I noticed one front tooth was lower than the other so I asked if he had a loose tooth. He stuck his finger in for a couple of minutes than joyfully announced "YES! My left tooth is loose!" Funny - I don't think he ever would have noticed if I hadn't said something. No wonder the first two came out so quickly - he just probably never noticed until they were almost out.

That's all there is. There isn't...any more. (Any one know where that is from? I don't, but it's a tune stuck in my head. Probably some kids cartoon.)


R said...

It is from Madeline. The book. But there is a show too.

Hope Anna is feeling better by now!

bristowmom said...

Yes!!! Madeline! Thank you!

Anna is better. Congested but no fever so back to her energizer bunny status.