Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm not Martha

Some reader might wonder WHICH Martha I'm talking about. I am NEITHER. I am not Martha Stewart and I am not a "Martha-type" as in the Biblical sisters Mary and Martha. If you know me, you can stop laughing now. I KNOW that no one would EVER call me a Martha. But really, I am not the point. Here's my point, and it's short!

I have never understood that story about Mary and Martha. I never understood what Martha was doing wrong. She was cooking and serving and doing all the things that everyone seems to think women are always supposed to be doing - so what was wrong? Seriously! Finally I found an answer that makes sense to me: "Martha in her desire to minister to Me forfeited My nearness."

I am not sure I am a Mary either, although I am certainly closer to that than to Martha. Now perhaps I can quit feeling guilty about not being Martha. I am going to aim to be a Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus, taking in all that He wants to tell me. Toward that end, I just last night started my first ever Beth Moore Bible study. I think it fits perfectly with my desire to be Mary. It is titled "Believing God" and the promo line in our church bulletin said "You believe IN God, but do you BELIEVE God?" I attended my first class last night and it was wonderful.


Mrs. Sinta said...

I am a Beth Moore fan. I have not done that particular study, but I have done two others. Awesome!

KC said...

I'm glad you brought this up. I too wondered...what was wrong with wanting to serve Jesus the best? I'm sure she wanted to sit with her sister too, and if both had done prep at the same time, it would have been done quicker.
Maybe the key is in the heart of Martha?? That she had no desire to listen, only to provide and be "proud" of what she had done??

I have a mom, who is this way. Her favorite thing to say is "If I dont do it, no one else will" my challenge to her is ...and what would be wrong with that?

I'd like to get more insight on this story too, though. The B.M. Study (well, that doesnt sound too nice) sounds like it will be good! I love the tagline in your church's bulletin. let us know how the study goes!

R said...

Good for you!

I am probably a Martha, but only because I feel guilty about everything. I want to be a Mary so you have one up on me. LOL