Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wish I'd had a video camera when my kids were little, because my memory is SOOOO poor. However, I have long been adamantly opposed to them. I remember many years ago disembarking from a cruise ship at some beautiful locale, and in front of me was a man with a video cam plastered to his eye. That image completely sums up why I've been opposed to the things. I felt like he was not going to experience his vacation, but he was going to record it. When you look at photos (or movies) of God's glorious creation it is not the same as looking at it with your own eyes. However, now that my kids are getting a bit older I wonder how many precious memories I've already lost. I wish I could see their cherubic little faces smiling at me and doing silly things.

A few days ago I took my kids to McDonald's for lunch. I think it was probably the last time of taking them to a playland, because they were no longer interested in playing at it. Later Ethan, ever the non-compassionate one, was remarking somewhat critically about a very little boy there who "never even did anything. He would just walk to the steps and then walk back to his Mom." As I began to explain to Ethan that the boy was too little to be able to get up by himself, I remembered all the playland visits where Ethan was unable to climb the steps. Fortunately for him, he did not have to just walk back to his Mom. Ethan had a loving, ACTIVE big sister who would go behind him and boost him up each step. I can see the picture in my mind, but I must admit I wish I could watch it on a video! Anna would often run ahead once she got him up all of the steps. If it was a very large playland Ethan would sometimes get scared part way through, stand still and cry. I would find Anna and yell at her to go rescue her brother, which she always did. (Anna has always been the very active, very brave child. She always found a way to climb those steps, and she got scared only once. I remember because I was pregnant at the time and was NOT happy about having to climb in after her.)

The kids went through a phase a few months ago where they were a prince and princess and would dance together in our kitchen. It was unbelievably cute - they were positioned pretty much like ballroom dancers and they would go around in circles a couple of times. It never lasted long because Anna always wanted to twirl and that would end it for Ethan. But when it was over he would bow and she would curtsy. So, so, so very cute.

There is no point here. I am just indulging in a bit of nostalgia...


Mrs. Sinta said...

Print it out and put it in their baby books. Through a mother's eyes is just as good as a video.

SprinklerBandit said...

That sounds incredibly cute!

There does seem to be a fine line between recording your life and capturing some memories. I didn't want my wedding video-taped for that reason. (Besides, who wants to watch that?)

Hope you're doing well,