Saturday, January 16, 2016

Attitude of Gratitude

Because I believe every blog post should include a photo, I'm including this picture of one of my poinsettias.  My kids' school sells them every year as a fundraiser.   This was my first year remembering to order them and I must say they are the most beautiful poinsettias I've ever seen.  I will definitely be ordering again next Christmas!

As I write it is a little past 3 a.m.  This blog was born a number of years ago when I frequently found myself unable to sleep.  I seem to be in another of those sleepless patterns so perhaps I will use the time to write again.   On this particular night night I have little choice of activities as I am away from home in a hotel with my family.  

As I sit in the quiet my thoughts go to a recent Facebook post from a faraway friend.   She is going to be speaking to a group on the topic of gratitude.   The phrase "attitude of gratitude" is circling in my brain; my friend mentioned it as a practice.   I am wondering how my life (and the lives of those around me) would change if I would adopt such an attitude.   It seems quite obvious that we would all be changed for the better.

Immediately I am able to think of so much to be grateful for.   So what if I cannot sleep! I'm sitting in a warm hotel room; I enjoyed an abundant dinner last night; my family is healthy.  These simple thoughts easily and immediately spiral to so many things I have to be grateful for!

Also on Facebook, a friend shared a writing from another friend who had recently left her youngest child at college.  It was a very moving piece about the sadness of no more children at home.  That day is still future for me but I do know that it will arrive all too quickly.  Thinking of this allowed me to be grateful for my children even when they were needing a referee earlier.

My first taste of practicing gratitude is shockingly easy and oh-so-pleasant.   This could and should be a wonderful new beginning!

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Elizabethd said...

It's not always easy! But compared to so many there is much to feel gratitude for.