Friday, May 11, 2012

Every Day Taipei - Fashion

I started this post weeks ago.  Things have gotten pretty busy since then and I don't / won't have time for blogging.  I've been to Vietnam and am now BUSY with end of school activities and preparing for our move.  It is likely I won't post again until June or July when I am in our new home with a computer.  But then again, I might be able to post from my iPad.  Who knows...

This is just a little peek into everyday Taipei.

You can buy almost anything from a street vendor.  They set up using whatever they have available, like cardboard boxes.

Often times the street vendors have their wares on wheels and you see them moving about town.

I believe the reason for their portability is that they are selling illegally.  Often times when you see a vendor moving his or her wares they are moving at top speed.  This must be why:

Apparently if they don't get away quickly enough they are stopped by the fashion police.

Here are a couple of people that I think OUGHT to be apprehended by the fashion police!

Cheers from Taiwan!

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