Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Holy Hanoi, Batman!

Because I think every blog post ought to have a picture, here is a picture:

It has absolutely nothing to do with anything I'm about to say. I just decided to show you one of our little visitors. (Not so little actually, but there's no way to convey size via a photograph.)

I am in a bit of shock at the moment. I have just agreed to a little trip with a friend and possibly other "friends" who I don't know. A girl's weekend. To... Vietnam! How weird is that? I'm excited and scared at the same time. All I know of Vietnam is we (America) fought a war there when I was a young child. We lost. Lots of people were killed. In my mind Vietnam is a war zone, and I'm going there. On "vacation". Weird.


jmw said...

Sounds like a cool trip.

Denise said...

Can't go wrong with a girls weekend no matter where it is! ENJOY!!

Barbara said...

The spider looks large.