Monday, May 16, 2011

Flower Market

The kids are off school today and Eric took the day off. The intention was for the family to visit WuLai, which I saw a couple of weeks ago. However, because it is this kind of day today:

we decided to wait until another time.

Instead, Eric and I got up fairly early (actually I got up REALLY early - 5:00 on a day off - yuck!) and we went to the flower market. (Yes, again.) I remembered my camera this time so I can give you a bit of a tour.

This is the front of the market. Every 6 feet or so is a separate vendor's stall. You cannot tell from the picture, but also every 6 feet or so there is an aisle leading inside. Each aisle is intersected by many other aisles. It goes on and on and on. I love this place.

I tried to take a picture to show the aisles, but it is fairly dark inside the market so you cannot see much.

There are many vendors selling bamboo tied up with red ribbon. I am sure it has some special significance to the Taiwanese people but I don't know what it is. Sorry! Sometime if I remember I will ask a local friend to see if I can discover the story.

There are lots of places that sell various containers, garden implements and other things necessary for growing or selling flowers. There are booths of ribbon and trinkets to stick in a vase with flowers. This market is actually a wholesale market. I do not know why the public is allowed in, but I'm sure glad we are!

There are many types of flowering outdoor plants for sale.

I haven't been there regularly enough to know how often things change, but I have been there enough to know that what is available does change. On my first trip there were several vendors selling Cosmos. I delightedly bought half a dozen of them and promptly planted them in my yard. However, that was in our brand new puppy days and the puppies ate every last Cosmos. "No problem," I thought, "I'll just buy more". Alas, I have never found more Cosmos to purchase.

On my second trip I was shocked to find Petunias. I didn't expect what I think of as an American flower in Taiwan. They have never been my favorite flower because they seem so common. When I was a child it seemed every home had Petunias in their front garden. Nevertheless, they do come in beautiful colors so I bought several. Since they don't have the ultra-fabulous Wave Petunias here I thought I would buy more on my next trip and boost the color quotient. Nope, they are gone.

What they currently have a lot of is flowering bushes. I don't want those since I don't live here permanently. (Actually I don't live anywhere permanently, but that's another story.)

It's impossible to be too disappointed though, because there are always plenty of beautiful things to choose from.

There are always orchids. Lots and lots and LOTS of orchids. They seem to grow like weeds in Taiwan. We actually bought 3 on this trip, to use as a centerpiece. It is difficult to choose which ones to purchase because there are so many beautiful varieties.

Just across from the market is this greenhouse which looks to be a stopping off point for all of the orchids. I assume they are kept here between field and flower stall.

Yesterday there were a lot of hydrangeas. I have planted two already. They were also purchased in the new-puppy days and the puppies did eat them, however they began again from the ground up and I am hoping they will be left alone this time. I love hydrangeas. They just might be my new favorite flower.

My original hope, long ago, the first reason I went to the flower market, was to purchase cut flowers. But the second I arrived and saw all of the things that could be planted outside I shifted focus and have been buying and planting, buying and planting. But today I finally decided it was time for some cut flowers to put inside the house. Once again, the task is daunting because there are so many, many beautiful choices.

In addition there are a myriad of options for greenery with which to make a beautiful arrangement. I am no good at arranging flowers so I pass on the greens and just stick some flowers in a container. But I am thinking I should look for a class while I am living here, because it seems to be one of many arts that the Taiwanese people are exceptionally good at.

And if I could find a way to incorporate these puffy things into a flower arrangement I would be thrilled.


Elizabethd said...

What a beautiful place to visit. The roses are amazing, I couldnt have left them there!

Barbara said...

Getting up at 5.0 am and then it rained!!!!!

Enjoyed the photos and like Elizabeth I loved the roses.