Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sanford is an idiot

Governor Sanford needs to resign. He is an idiot. I have tried to keep my opinion to myself, all the while feeling horrible for his wife and kids, but the latest is just too unbelievable. He gave an interview Tuesday (I think) where he called the mistress his "soul mate", said he is trying to fall back in love with his wife and said he told the mistress that he was willing to take the consequences to be with her. I'm sorry, but if I was his wife it would be SO over right now. I would tell him to move to Argentina and see how things work out for him and the mistress (who, by the way, has been seeing other men this whole time.) I feel sad, sad, sad for his kids. The wife has been horribly hurt but she'll recover. If she wants, (big if!) she could find another man, but those kids cannot find another father, and theirs has just thrown them in the trash. I believe in forgiveness and I believe that even adultery can be forgiven and overcome, but this is despicable. Yuck. I hope he goes away.


jmw said...

Agreed. He seems to have a really high view of himself.

Todd said...

A Governor, a King, and the Tragedy of Adultery

bristowmom said...

Thanks for the reference Todd. I read it and thought it was very good. Much more thoughtful than my tirade!