Sunday, April 19, 2009

Be Careful What You Pray For

Rather recently, Eric and I began praying together most mornings. (Some mornings I don't get out of bed, so then we don't pray.) Last week Eric was pretty stressed about work and so we prayed almost exclusively about Eric and things at work each day. The very top of the top brass from their joint-venture company in Taiwan was in town for the week. They were in meetings all day every day. On Wednesday it was Eric's turn to lead the meeting. He spent the entire day making a presentation regarding a process they will be transferring from here to Taiwan. Eric is not "top brass", he does not desire to be "top brass" and he does not feel like he fits in with the top brass. He was mainly worried that he would look stupid, I think. So I prayed that God would grant him favor in the eyes of his audience, that his presentation would go well and that there would be good communication.

Wednesday night Eric was practically on a cloud. His presentation was extremely well received. Whereas in the first two day's meetings participants sat in orderly fashion and typed on their laptops throughout the meetings, during Eric's presentation the chairs moved in closer and closer and nary a laptop was open. Comments were made: "Best meeting of the week." Thank you God. You answered our prayer and granted Eric favor.

So then..... Friday night he tells me that the Taiwan top brass liked his presentation SO much that they might want him to go to Taiwan and present it again! Like, next week! I do not want to be flippant here. I truly believe God gives Eric favor at work; Eric's success is truly a gift from God. I really, really do not mean to be flippant, but a part of me is thinking "Maybe not QUITE so much favor next time?"

Anna received the news with about the same attitude as me: we are not thrilled about him going away. Ethan? He is glad about it. Why? "Because he will bring us surprises from Taiwan." Ethan - - the optimist?? Things are getting very strange around here.


Mrs. Sinta said...

Congratulations, Eric!

KC said...

Love this post!