Monday, February 2, 2009

Twirly-Girly clothes

When my daughter was born I was addicted to Gymboree. Then I discovered "Mini-Boden" and switched my addiction. Today, I discovered an amazing thing (amazing to my clothes-addicted brain): The daughter-in-law of my daughter's kindergarten teacher, who is currently living in England, is designing clothes for young girls. Her line is extremely limited, but the pieces are beautiful. They appeal to my love of English influence (Mini-Boden) and comfort (Gymboree) as well as my daughter's love of girly dresses and skirts. The new company is called Amoretti - check it out! And check out the blog of the owner - Rebekah Merkle - very fun.


jmw said...

I've seen this before because she is Doug Wilson's daughter. I read him a lot. He plugs her site a lot too.

KC said...

How cute are those!!