Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Summer Flowers

I take so many pictures of flowers.  Having nearly given up on blogging, I had no outlet for sharing the pictures. Having decided to try to get back to blogging, and believing that every blog post needs pictures, well, why not share some of my flower pictures?

An entire field of purple coneflower (echinacea) near my Dad's house.

A few new plants about to be purchased and planted... an addition to this area.  At the beginning of the season this was nothing but weeds and landscape rock. My husband and I spent several weekends removing everything.  We picked all of the rock out by hand.  We've been relocating it to the back gardens because we have a dog who likes to dig. The rocks are helping put a stop to her digging. (The above picture was taken before I added the plants from my shopping cart.)

And finally, my own purple coneflower, which is in it's third year.

We have made great progress on our gardens this year. When we purchased this house 3-1/2 years ago everything was an overgrown, neglected mess. There is still much to do, but we feel like we turned a corner this year. Now there is more good than bad, so there is hope of taming the entire thing.


Elizabethd said...

How lovely to see a field of Echinacea. i wonder if you had thought about enlarging your lovely photos on the blog as they would be a bit clearer?

bristowmom said...

Oh, I've been blogging on my phone, so didn't realize there was a problem with the photos. I'm glad you made me aware of it! I'll have to move to the desktop and see if I can improve things.

Betty said...

How beautiful your field of coneflowers is, worth enlarging the picture and framing! and your lovely trolley of new arrivals to plant up - so pretty.